utilities placement service

utilities placement service

At Normacon, we understand the accurate placement of utilities within the right-of-way is critical for the success of the project. Knowing that, Directional Technologies brings the most up-to-date technology to help you successfully complete your project.

Advantages of Today’s Technology 
One of the greatest advances in today’s horizontal boring is our locating system.  We now have the ability to operate in areas where there are high levels of signal interference.  Not only are there existing utilities emitting signals that can conflict with the tracker, but most everyone on the work sites these days has a smartphone, adding to the clutter of interfering signals.

Multiple frequencies of today’s equipment can typically provide at least one clear signal under these conditions, enabling them to work along with conflicting signals. Signals that can see through the interference and have more transmitter power give today’s trackers greater depth capabilities – to 60 feet and more in some cases. In some instances, the extended depth can allow walk-over equipment to be used in situations that once required costlier wireline tracking when bore depths exceed the limited range of earlier walk-over tracker models.

Overcome Interference
Directional Technologies uses the latest walk-over locating system, the DigiTrak F5 and F2 Falcon, which can overcome active and passive interference by transmitting the signal over a wide broadcast range. The walk-over locator system can operate in frequency optimization mode enabling the field team to select the most reliable frequency. Additionally, in rebar mode, the locating system will broadcast the signal over 6 bands of frequency improving accuracy in locations with high passive interference.

Battery Technology
In addition to frequency modulation technology, battery technology has drastically improved over the last two decades. Improved battery life facilitates drilling of longer bores without the risk of the sonde transmitter losing power.

Regardless of how advanced the technology, experience plays an even more crucial role. Directional Technologies has 25 years of experience using horizontal directional drilling for utility applications.
This experience becomes an invaluable asset for successful installation of utilities at your site.

Challenging Underground Utility Installations

Are you faced with a challenging utility installation scope? One involving waterways, highway crossings, busy intersections, or anywhere trenching is just not an option? Or perhaps trenching is being considered, but high levels of congestion, environmentally sensitive areas with burdensome restoration, or open-cut permitting challenges make it less than ideal? Directional Technologies Inc has the solution.

Regardless of the extent of work, your project may be of a very critical and technical nature and require what Directional Technologies Inc alone can bring to the table:

  • Rigs ranging from nimble 27,000 lb to powerful 220,000 lb thrust/pull-back which gives you options from service connections to larger sized conduit installations.
  • Trained field crew with OSHA 10 or 30, HAZWOPER 40, and other certifications.
    Safety metrics that substantiate a “safety first” mentality.
  • Thousands of installations through-out the U.S. and internationally over the last 25 years.
  • Three top operations managers having a combined 75 years directional drilling experience.
  • Staff with electrical, mechanical, civil engineering and geology backgrounds.

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Choosing a Conduit Type

From time to time, Directional Technologies makes suggestions to the type of conduit to be installed based on bend radius and other factors, including site conditions, which differ from the original plan. Where a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe may be best for a shallow directional installation in sand, a better choice for a deeper directional bore installation at a site with layers of silty-clay fill and sand may be High Density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. All pipes have their place and use.

Directional Technologies’ mission is to make sure that the pipe that you put in the ground with directional drilling is the best possible long-term, most cost-efficient value for your project.

Experience Matters During Installation

Should any unknown site conditions be encountered, our drill teams have the experience and knowledge to easily adjust to changing conditions and make appropriate corrections in the field, knowing that any adjustment made should not exceed the recommended bend radius of the drill pipe and product.

All of this, from planning the best directional installation to adjusting to unknowns during drilling means added protection for both you and your client.

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